You need to ensure that your bike is the right style and type for you and your purpose to get the most out of it. There are various types of bicycles. Here are some of them: 

Types of Bicycle

  • Folding Bikes 

Folding bikes are mainly used by adults who transport them on trains or buses. 

  • Cruiser and Comfort Bikes 

Cruiser and comfort bikes are for recreational and leisurely riding. They have adult and children’s models. This bike type is best generally for riding at a short distance. 

  • Hybrids 

Hybrids bikes are cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. This bike type is mainly designed for adults. The tires are thinner than a typical mountain bike. This bike type is used generally for smooth pavement and city riding. 

  • Touring Bikes 

These types of bikes are the same as road bikes. However, they are made to be a lot more comfortable. Typically, a touring bike is designed for adults. This bike style has drop mudguards, luggage racks, and handlebars. 

  • Road Bikes 

Road bikes are mainly used by adults and are designed to be driven at high speeds on a smooth terrain. They are made for competition racing. However, they’re sometimes used daily on a flat surface. 

  • BMX 

This type of bike is the child version of a mountain bike. BMX has one speed and is sometimes used for tricks. 

  • Mountain Bikes 

This type of bike could be for children or adults. They are used for city riding and trail riding and are best for mountains and hills. Mountain bikes have few gears, durable tires and brakes that are heavier than usual bikes.  

Bike Safety Tips 

Almost every bike deaths and injuries are due to the rider not obeying some safety guidelines that are basic. 

  • Wear always a helmet that fits your head. 
  • The seat must be adjusted to fit properly. Make sure you are able to stand firmly with your feet on the ground. Your knees must be bent slightly when you are riding. 
  • You must ensure the bike properly fits you. A bike shop could assist you if you are not sure. 
  • Before riding, check brakes, chain and tires.  
  • Be aware of road dangers. 
  • Ride in the similar direction as the traffic. 
  • Do not let a kid to ride by himself or herself. 
  • Have kids ride on the bike path or a sidewalk. 
  • Teach kids to look for cars pulling out or in of driveways. 
  • Put reflectors on the bicycle. Purchase one on a legit shop such as Safe Kids Worldwide. 

Jammed or Slipped Chain 

  • Immediately quit pedaling if the chain falls off while you are riding. Wiggle it until it is freed if the chain is jammed.  
  • Pick up your chain and put it across the sprockets top. It does not need to be around completely the sprocket. 
  • Lift up the back tire off the ground and turn slowly the pedals. The chain must fall into place on the sprockets.  
  • To ensure the chain freely spins, turn the pedal.